The Vintage Georgia Gulag Blues.1

Elements 2018

Emma Dayhoff:

Red Haired Beauty


Virtual Reality

Sophia Gawron:

Sassed & Harassed

Tim Bradish:

The Pasture

Alexander Lounsberry:

Road of Infinite Time

Rage Against the Esteemed


Kurt Messanger

Clock of the Gods

Infinity Measured by the Teeth

Shelby Davin:




Kaylee Gundling:

The Feast


Orange Streetlights

Tyray Ratliff:

Beach Peace

Swallowed in the Sea

Morgan Cusack:

How Not to Cope

Calla Lily


Patrick Page:

The Agony and Joy of Hunting

Joionna Brown:

Inside Out


Alone and Broken

Kenneth Speegle:

David’s Chamber

Jazzy Thomas:

She’s a Hot Girl

Koyo Masore:

Paraphrased Predicament


Winners of the Lois C. Bruner Creative Nonfiction Award:

Jason Cummins:

Shame in His Eyes

Austin Middleton:

The Brutal Indifference of Life

Kendrick Keller:

A Poisonous Idea


Winners of the Cordell Larner Award in Fiction:

Cheyenne Rideaux:

Blue Aster

Marissa Purdum:


Austin Middleton:

To love is to Bury


Winners of the Cordell Larner Award in Poetry:

Marissa Purdum:

A Love Story: Fog

Marcus Sweeten:

Hand in Hand

Claire Dodson:

Match Head Toxicity




Matthew D. Gamperl

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Erika T. Wurth

Editorial Team:

Cheyenne Rideaux, Maria Chiaradonna, Morgan Cusack, Jacob Barnhill, Isai Lopez, Carlos Arroyo