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Elements 2017-2018
Sam Horizon – Af Sanni

Elements 2017


Af Sanni 
Orange Jumpsuit
Waiting In England

Arielle Henry
The Lonely Wall

Laurence L. Leff 
Ode To a Rowing Machine

Maria Chiaradonna 
The Machine

Michelle Sierra 
Mad Love
Sunday Dress

Natalie Jacobson
It rained last night
The night is

Shelby Davin 
End of the Beginning
Pocket Change


Af Sanni
Girl With The Pixie Cut

Destiny Thomas
Family Affair

Haley Helgesen
The King and Me: My Many Meetings with Stephen King

Maric Mclean
Head Games

Morgan Cusack
Pancakes at Penny’s

Rebecca Gonner
The Photograph

Arielle Henry

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Erika T. Wurth

Editorial Team:
Sarah Rogers, Adrienne Tinsley, Morgan Cusack, Matt Gamperl, Sara Hopkins