Current Issue

The Vintage Georgia Gulag Blues.1

Elements 2018

Emma Dayhoff:

Red Haired Beauty:


Virtual Reality:

Sophia Gawron:

Stressed and Harassed

Tim Bradish:

The Pasture:

Alexander Lounsberry:


Kurt Messanger

Clock of the Gods

Infinity measured by the teeth

Shelby Davin:


Kaylee Gundling:

Orange Streetlights, The Feast, Entropy

Tyray Ratliff:

Swallowed in the Sea

Beach Peace

Morgan Cusack:


How not to Cope

Patrick Page:

The Agony of Deer Hunting

Joionna Brown:

Inside Out



Kenneth Speegle:

Davids Chamber

Jazzy Thomas:

She’s a Hot Girl

Koyo Masore:

Paraphrased Predicament



Matthew D. Gamperl

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Erika T. Wurth

Editorial Team:

Cheyenne Rideaux, Maria Chiaradonna, Morgan Cusack, Jacob Barnhill, Isai Lopez, Carlos Arroyo





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